Baby Ouranghutan

Baby Ouranghutan, originally uploaded by andyspex.

I’m posting photos out of order here, but going back to June and a trip to Monkey world in Dorset.


Tower Bridge at Night

Tower Bridge at Night, originally uploaded by andyspex.

A few weeks ago we completed the Shine Walk, a 26 mile charity walk around London overnight. I took the opportunity to take a few photos.  Tower Bridge at night looks particularly good.

Inside the Volcano

Inside the Volcano, originally uploaded by andyspex.

One of the trips that we went on in Madeira was to the Museum of Volcanism.

You actually got to go inside one of the Extinct Volcanoes that makes up Madeira and walk along one of the Lava tubes (like this one).

Monte Toboggan

Monte Toboggan, originally uploaded by andyspex.

The best thing that we did in Madeira was the Monte Toboggan run. It really is amazing fun and if you find yourself out that way, you should take the trip.

We got the Cable Car from Funchal to the stop at Monte where we had a quick view of the Church and then went to the road where we got the toboggan.

The Toboggan is basically a wooden sled (no wheels) that is firstly pulled by 2 drivers and then gravity does the rest.

This is the road that you go down for a bout a mile, high banked walls and a big gutter down one side. you really get a great sense of speed heading down.

The problem is that you end halfway up the hill where you can either get the most expensive taxi in the world, or walk back up or down. We headed back down to the town, but it really was worth it.

Sitting on the Beach B&W

Sitting on the Beach B&W, originally uploaded by andyspex.

We went to Madeira in March and as I’m quite lazy, I never actually got around to posting any pictures.

Here is the first.

For those of you who don’t know anything about Madeira it’s a small island in the middle of the Atlantic that belongs to Portugal. The footballer Christiano Ronaldo was born there (this isn’t him) and it is renowned for being Sunny, full of old people and being expensive.

When we went they had the first rain for 6 months (torrential) it was quite quiet and not too full of old folks, and we found it quite reasonable to eat and drink.

It’s a really nice part of the world full of stunning scenery, volcanoes and black sand beaches.

26 Miles, 4 feet and No Blisters!

Hello all,

This weekend Hannah and I completed the Shine Walk for Cancer Research, 26 miles around London overnight.  We managed it in about 8 hours, which included a few stops here and there, but to be fair, it was 26 miles. We even got medals.

Finishers with our medals.

Finishers with our medals.

I have a slightly swollen knee, but apart from that, neither of us suffered from Blisters (Thank you comfy walking shoes and Merino wool socks) and the tiredness was nothing that a Pizza and 11 hours sleep couldn’t fix.

Between us we raised £640 much more than our target so massive thanks to you all.  Between everybody on the night nearly £2 million was raised.

If anybody is reading this and feel like they would want to donate to me, here is the link.


Eden Project Biomes

Eden Project Biomes, originally uploaded by andyspex.

OK, so it’s been a while (8 months) since my last post. I’ve done quite a lot, but I haven’t taken that many photos and now I will try and catch up.

We went to Cornwall for the first time and to the Eden Project which is a place that I’ve wanted to go since it opened, and I wasn’t disappointed.